Birdfoot 2019 Season Program


Birdfoot Festival 2019 features eighteen concerts and events, fourteen of which are open to the public, and ten of which are free admission.  They range from open rehearsals (where you can be a fly on the wall, observing Birdfoot’s artists explore and refine the music together) to talks about the music (The Art of Noticing and An Introduction To The Music), to showcase performances by Birdfoot’s Young Artist Program, two lunchtime concerts, the interactive Birdfoot Backstage (this year exploring Schubert’s Death and the Maiden string quartet), a musical court room drama (Nothing But The Truth), a string quartet performed in total darkness (even the musicians won’t have any light!), an internationally acclaimed British harpsichordist, a phenomenal countertenor, an elegant four-course dinner concert, and more.

This season for the first time, you can page through the season’s program HERE ahead of time and plan your 2019 Birdfoot Festival hot picks.