Listening Pilgrimage I: Awakening

Friday, March 10, 2023
6:30 PM

Contemporary Arts Center
900 Camp Street

Concert Description:

Birdfoot launches its 2023 residency at the Contemporary Arts Center with an open air concert for nature lovers, forest bathers, and oxygen breathers.

Join the musicians of the 2023 Birdfoot Festival on the first leg of a listening pilgrimage that asks how we can understand our entwined relationship with the natural world through our ears. Winding through the entire Birdfoot festival, this series of outdoor pop-up concerts reaches beyond the concert hall to celebrate the simple beauty and the mythic dimensions of nature, bear witness to environmental degradation, and meditate on our place in the world.

Come with us on an adventure that invites you to bask in music, listen deeply, and stretch your senses. You might even change how you listen to the world we inhabit.