2021 Birdfoot Festival

Birdfoot’s tenth season!

In 2021, Birdfoot presents a special 10th anniversary festival of music-making that reaches and stretches and spills out of the concert hall into the natural world. From John Cage’s radical Child of Tree, a piece for amplified cactus and other plant materials to a historical chamber arrangement of Beethoven’s most experimental symphony, the “Pastoral”, this season explores humanity’s relationship with nature in a series of online events and live (outdoor) performances. 


A series of newly commissioned musical works expands the dialogue as the festival embarks on a musical pilgrimage to sites of awe inspiring natural beauty and tragic degradation. Birdfoot invites you to join us on a journey that will bear witness to environmental injustice and meditate on our place in the world, as we search, together, for a path towards a more harmonious future. 

Details coming soon

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