Birdfoot Festival 2018:
Enescu’s Octet in C Major, Op. 7

Here it is! The surprise we’ve been bursting to share with you: an astounding 360-degree video that puts you in the middle of the Enescu Octet as performed by Emily Nebel, Kristopher Tong, Kate Withrow, Clara Kim, Rose Hashimoto, Dana Kelley, Joann Whang and Michael Unterman at the close of Birdfoot 2018.

Click and drag to explore and change perspective!

Waterlines — A Hymn for New Orleans

View this mini-documentary (created by PBS filmmaker and composer Todd Mason) of Birdfoot’s Waterlines concert, a collaboration between Birdfoot artists and spoken-word poet Kataalyst Alcindor, honoring the ten-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Birdfoot’s Young Artist Program

Learn more about Birdfoot’s award-winning Young Artist Program (created by PBS filmmaker and composer Todd Mason) and why it has been an integral part of Birdfoot’s programming since the festival’s very first season.


Photographer Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee has been documenting the Birdfoot Festival since 2013. Step behind the scenes with this gallery of Birdfoot highlights.

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