Birdfoot Backstage: Lost Songs

Thursday, March 16, 2023
6:30 PM 

Contemporary Arts Center
900 Camp Street


Concert Description

Join Birdfoot Festival musicians for an interactive exploration of Juri Seo’s Lost Songs for string quartet and clarinet, based on a recording of the call of the last living Kauai ʻōʻō bird (Moho braccatus). Join the conversation and get inside the music alongside the musicians, and then come hear the piece in its entirety during Birdfoot’s final concert on March 18.

“We live in cycles, with birth and death being the primary conditions of our existence. The simple act of breathing encapsulates the cyclic nature of life. Song does too, though perhaps in a more abstract way. In song, a call awaits a response; in song, silence is broken and inevitably restored.” —composer Juri Seo