Listening Pilgrimage IV: Born by the River – A Musical Pilgrimage Toward Restoration and Healing

Sunday, March 12, 2023
3:00 PM

Starting location:
Whitney Plantation
5099 Highway 18, Wallace, LA

Ending location:
The Descendants Project 
5593 Highway 18, Wallace, LA
St. John The Baptist Parish 


Concert Description

Birdfoot Festival and the Descendants Project invite you to join a musical walk that traces the connections between past and present and the deep ties that bind together the land, the river, and residents of St. John the Baptist Parish. Through a program of music, local narratives, and movement through the landscape, this event will acknowledge the past, honor the present, and plant seeds of hope for the future. 

The Descendants Project was established to support descendant communities in the river parishes working together to dismantle the legacies of slavery and to achieve a healed and liberated future. 

Note: Event will be approximately 1 hour 20 minutes in length, entirely outdoors, and will include walking. As part of the experience, participants will be transported between three locations by Whitney Plantation Shuttles. 

Music and words from this event will also appear on Birdfoot’s Born by the River concert on March 15.