Dwayne Muhammad

Afro-Cuban Percussion

Dwayne “Drummer D” Muhammad was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was a music enthusiast from early in his childhood and his approach to his art form is influenced by a variety of musical genres and cultures. His love of history and indigenous culture fed a deep interest in West African and Afro-Latin drumming. Post-Katrina, as musicians began coming back to New Orleans, Muhammad started studying with various accomplished percussionists in the city, refining his skill and later enrolling in the Jazz Studies program at Delgado Community College.

Known as “Drummer D” in Black Masking Indian Culture, his work with The Mohawk Hunters has contributed to their distinct sound and vibrant energy. In 2011, he became the percussionist for the world famous Brass-A-Holics. Having toured globally and recorded with various local artists, Muhammad recognizes the positive impact music has on the lives of people: “When people experience the music I want people to feel good, to be happy, to be inspired and to know joy.”