Support Birdfoot

Your donations, however small (or large), make the Birdfoot Festival possible! Click here  and scroll down to see some of the great perks that accompany the enormous amount of good karma accumulated by supporting the arts.

Direct donations of stock or funds from your individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and Roth IRAs to the Birdfoot Festival can significantly reduce your income tax liability. For more information, click HERE.

Sponsor or underwrite a Birdfoot artist: Your donation of $3,000 – $9,999 supports the expense of bringing an artist to the Birdfoot Festival. Have you ever wanted to get to know a real, live chamber musician? This is your lucky chance.

Sponsor or underwrite a concert by supporting the production costs of an event. Support the Birdfoot Festival’s outstanding live chamber music concerts!

Sponsor or underwrite a Community Program: Support Birdfoot’s Young Artist Chamber Music Program or Community Program series (two Community Concerts, Birdfoot Backstage, and the Community Chamber Music Reading Party).

Underwrite the Birdfoot Festival with your gift of $50,000 or more.

Advertise in the Festival Program and let the community know how much your business values the arts in New Orleans. Isn’t that why we live here?

Volunteer assistance is always invaluable to us. You can become a part of the Birdfoot Krewe either during the festival or year-round.

Tell your friends about us and bring them to our events! Great live music is about community. The Birdfoot Festival can only exist with your generous support, our patrons and friends.

“The Birdfoot Festival reminds us that classical music is not just for concert halls but is a way to enrich all of our lives, learn about greatest music ever written, and explore the deepest levels of our own creative potential.”  —Birdfoot Audience Member